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Our Stand Up paddle instructors are trained and qualified. Travelling the world gaining valuable experience, working in the best water sports schools, testing different coaching methods and testing different Stand up Paddle equipment.

Our team of experienced Stand Up Paddle instructors will guide you through your lesson while teaching self-reliance and focusing on safety. With a passion for the sport and plenty of enthusiasm we will have you up and paddling in no time at all. Learn to Stand Up Paddle with Elemental Surf for a friendly introduction to the worlds fastest growing water sports


Age: 38
Nationality: Italian

“Water has the power to perform miracles.”

Inspired by natural elements, that’s how my adventure has been started. Even if I grew up in a small village in the North of Italy surrounded by mountains, since I was a child I felt a strong connection with the nature and the ocean believing that those elements have the power to refill and regenerate body and soul.

SUP allows me to stay grounded in contact with nature and to look at the world from another perspective. It is amazing how relaxing it could be.

My passion for a healthy lifestyle has brought me to become a personal trainer too and to develop and practice a training method that involves only natural movements and builds more body awareness.

SUP combined with bodyweight training is an amazing formula that can change your life.


Age: 44
Nationality: Australian

As a keen Kitesurfer I initially got into SUP to keep on the water when the wind was down. Soon after I was aching for still days with waves, standing out the back looking towards the horizon waiting for sets to roll in. Living across the road from a fantastic wave SUP location I get out most days, often before a kite, regularly twice a day. SUP quickly has became a central part of my every day.

My favourite exercise is to paddle up to the coast on flat, still days. I enjoy the peacefulness of the open water, fresh air, the full body workout and balance that comes from SUP.

With so many places to go to and aspects of SUP to explore I’m so excited about where SUP can take all of us. I am delighted to find myself in a position to help people get into this wonderful sport and live the SUP life!


Age: 41
Nationality: New Zealand


Age: 24
Nationality: Scottish
Kiteboarder since 2006

Stand up paddle boarding gave me this new, refreshing way to enjoy the water. No wind, no problem. Between Kiteboarding and SUPing my days were fulfilled.

Paddle Boarding is like walking on water. Standing atop a board in the middle of the ocean, you see everything from sea life to the coastline and across the channel. Having that sweeping expanse in front of you, i would lose hours taking in these beautiful views.

I started Stand Up Paddling at the same time as my kiteboarding experience in 2013. Every time the wind would stop we would grab the SUPs and go for an adventure. I love flat water, waking up early and paddling down a river mouth to watch the sunrise, for me a perfect way to start the day! As I started doing it exclusively, I noticed my body was getting stronger. Like swimming, paddle boarding is an all-body workout. It strengthens your core and stabilises your system, but more than just the physical rewards, paddle boarding restores your balance and calms your spirit like yoga which I also love. I have started to get into SUP Yoga recently and I am completely in love with it, I want to start each day like this for a better and healthier way of living.


Age: 25
Nationality: British

I started Stand Up Paddling the same time as I started my kiteboarding career. From the first paddle I realised how peaceful but addictive at the same time this sport could be. I believe the two sports compliment each other offering me more time in the water with or without wind.

I'm also reaping the health benefits of being outside - fresh air, vitamin D - no air conditioning for me! Clearing my head, forgetting life/work worries for that hour or 2 while out on the water, that's what it's all about.

I get bored quite easily, especially with fitness regimes, and SUP is one thing that keeps me interested, motivated and challenged. The conditions constantly changing, keeping you on your toes, training to go faster, get fitter, get stronger, seeing my body change shape (in a good way) whilst doing something I enjoy - what more could you want!

Stand up paddling is fun for all. No matter your age, fitness or background. Come along meet some new friends pick up a new hobby you will not regret it.


Age: 42
Nationality: New Zealand

“One of the most appealing things about Stand Up Paddle is the overall feeling of well being and fitness that you feel after a paddle “

A New Zealand native, I found my love for fitness and water sports early and now that I am able, I am bringing my love for the water and SUPing to Elemental taking on my dream job. I bring worldly experiences and enthusiasm for health, fitness and water sports to give you an excellent learning experience.

You do not need to be a goddess or have high levels of fitness to get started and benefit from stand up paddle. I have worked all over the world, most recently finishing a 10 year FIFO career, I have given away the red dirt of the WA Pilbara in a HSE role in the mining construction industry, to pursue my idea of living the dream.


Age: 33
Nationality: Australian

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