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*ALL participants MUST complete this Waiver form before undertaking any lesson/hire!
Participants under the age of 18yrs must have a guardian complete the form for them.

IMPORTANT: If you are the main organiser of a booking, please forward this guide with links below to all participants and to ensure the waiver has been completed by all.


We will be texting/SMS messaging you if there are any updates.
Please check if your provided mobile is correct and ensure you are early and not late by using Google map links provided with our location maps below.


The wonderful sport of Stand up Paddleboarding is very dependent on wind conditions. Perth is renowned for its consistent afternoon sea breezes during summer, luckily we have the perfect spot at Point Walter that gives us shelter from both the S/SW Seabreeze and E/SE morning wind directions.

With this in mind, we usually start our lessons between 7 am to 1 pm from our west facing locations and then afternoons are best on the Eastern side of Point Walter where the water is glassy and protected. Of course, there are days that there is no wind at all where you will find us at both locations, got to love those balmy hot days at the beach with no wind and glassy flat water!


LESSONS / TOURS: 7 am - 1 pm 
Please arrive at least 15mins before your lesson/tour. These are set times and there will be others waiting to start at the same time, so make sure you have completed the online waiver form before you arrive and please be early so we can start on time!

BOARD HIRES: 7 am - 1 pm 
Please arrive at least 15mins before your lesson/hire. These are set times and there will be others starting lessons at the same time, so make sure you have completed the online waiver form before you arrive and please be early so we can get you set up with your gear before the lessons start.

BOARD HIRES: 1 pm - 6 pm
These are set times and there will be another hire booked following yours, so please ensure you are early as we cannot extend your time. The hirer is responsible for returning the board back to the beach on time. In the event that a board is returned late, an extra charge will be incurred.

IMPORTANT: If you are late to a group lesson that has already commenced you will forfeit your lesson.
Please use the Google map link provided with our location maps below to make sure you get to your lesson/hire on time!

What do you need to know and bring with any lesson/hire?

  • We supply rash guards and sunscreen.

  • Sunglasses are great if you do not want the glare off the water at midday, We have the string to connect to your glasses so you do not lose them.

  • A hat for sun protection.

  • Something to rehydrate with as stand-up paddling makes you thirsty .. and hungry!

  • Bathers or boardshorts.

  • Towel / Dry clothes to wear after the lesson/hire.

  • A warm jumper if you are doing a dawn session at Point Walter or Leighton, the SE wind direction can be very cool whilst you are in the car park, once you are on the water and out of the wind being protected by the land mass you will be warm.

  • Enthusiasm! The keener you are to learn, the faster we will get you STOKED.


Smile for the camera

We try to our best to take photos of your lesson so that you can show your friends that you’ve been standup paddling! And of course, keep them as momentum ☺ 

All photos are uploaded onto our Facebook page within a week so please  LIKE US

Thanks again for booking a lesson/hire to Stand up paddle with Elemental. 
We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the best service and training!




If your lesson/hire location is at Point Walter which is located next to the beautiful Swan River in Bicton.  Please see the map and directions below on to how to get to Point Walter. The best thing to remember is to drive down Honour Ave all the way until you reach the river and car park.  You will also see a long sand spit and our black trailer parked in the car park.

There are free barbecues and Point Walter is a great picnic spot with plenty of sheltered green grass areas to relax at after your lesson/hire/downwinder.


Walter River cafe does great breakfasts and brunch, it can be busy on the weekends, so keep that in mind, they open at 8 am. There are public toilet facilities here and outdoor showers.

CLICK HERE for directions to Point Walter




If your lesson/hire location is Leighton Beach. Please meet us at The Oval next to The Orange Box, this is a cafe in the next building north of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club. Please see map and directions below on to how to get to Leighton Beach. You can get there by the North Fremantle train station and walk 200m to our spot or there is a bus stop at the top of Freemans Loop. Car parking on the weekend is scarce so plan ahead and check out the overflow BUS parking a bit further north.


The Orange Box serves delicious healthy food right on the Oval and only a hop back from the beach! There is also Bib and Tucker above the Surf Lifesaving club, it can be very busy on the weekends so keep that in mind. Enjoy all the new facilities that Leighton has to offer including a flash new toilet block with great indoor showers and The Oval is a great spot to kick back and relax with friends, enjoy the free outdoor barbecues and sheltered grassed areas. 

CLICK HERE for directions to Leighton Beach




If your lesson/hire location is at Woodman Point which is located in the beautiful Cockburn sound in Munster just south of Fremantle.  Please see the map and directions below on to how to get to Woodman Point.

The best thing to remember is to drive along Cockburn road until you see the big blue signage for Woodman Point Recreation camp and brown sign for Woodman Point Regional Park.  This is the turn off you need to make at O’kane CT then take your next left and then first right and follow Woodman Point View rd all the way towards the end of the point until you reach the Jervois Bay sailing club on your right hand side, shortly after veer to the left and you will see us in the next car park near the beach.

CLICK HERE for directions to Woodman Point in Munster

Our mission is to encourage participation and to instil confidence in and out of the water while learning and developing new skills in a fun and safe environment

The point of difference is that this classroom is on the water!

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