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January 24, 2017


Stand up paddle boarding, also referred to as stand up paddle surfing or SUP is a relatively new water sport and continue to gain popularity. It iѕ as name suggests, an activity where you stand upright on a surfboard and use a long paddle to move about on top or water. It can be practiced on calm waters, challenging waves and everything in between. Read on to learn more about how this sport came to be, and what equipment you need to do it. 

If you are curious that stand up paddling might be the sport for you or you are already hooked and getting ready to brave the waves, the best way to learn how to stand up paddle is by taking a lesson from those who know the sport. Even if you are experienced in the ocean, stand up padding introduces a whole new set of variables and dynamics that traditional prone paddle surfers are not familiar with. It is really necessary to take stand up paddle lesson.

Why are stand up paddle lessons necessary?

Some of you may have learnt from your parents or another trusted relative or friend. Other might have picked up the skill instinctively- everybody learns at a different pace. However, even if you know it your own it is still a good idea to take a certified stand up paddle course. Here are reasons to consider:

1) Safe – Naturally, it is important to know what to do in the event of accident. Stand up paddle lessons do more than teach the fundamental, they can help a person think quickly in an emergency situation. If you are in the water, you will know to do and how to deal with different situation.

2) Socially – knowing standup paddle at an early age can help conquer fear of water. Lessons build confidence and as you or your child improves, you will have no problem paddle with others when invited. Taking lessons with a group, too, allow you the opportunity to meet other people. 

3) Health – stand up paddle is a good exercise. It builds up arm and leg muscles and help with good respiratory habits. Even if don´t paddle on a regular basis, when you do have the opportunity you can make the outing fun and healthy. 

4) Fun – stand up paddle introduces an element of fun into people´s lives. The more confidence you become on the water, the more you will want to participate in stand up paddle events. Get the family involved, and you have something everybody will enjoy doing.

5) You will have a well built body structure.

If you are interested in stand up paddle lesson, make sure you register with a program whose instructors are certified. Take the advantage of the lessons at elemental SUP to achieve your goals.

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