Stand Up Paddle Hire Perth

Board and paddle hire - from $30 
Hire a Board/s from our shop *Pick up and drop off only - Bookings essential 


Pick up and Drop off - from $60 per day
Pick it up and take it away ... bring it back another day .. Too easy 


Take a board away with you on a family holiday or on a road trip along the coast with your mates

All our boards are in top condition and ready to go. We only Hire out our 10.8 Soft SUPs as Epoxy boards are expensive and get easily damaged. So all you need is roof racks and Tie downs/straps.

They come complete with adjustable paddles and board leash. Great fun for a family day on the water
Get fit all year round, while enjoying glassy flat conditions.

Anybody can SUP.. Now the whole family can enjoy your water time ... and together we can help them build confidence in and out of the water

Please fill out our booking form with your preferred dates and one of our friendly staff will get back to you shortly

Elemental Surf is a premiere provider of SUP lessons and SUP board rentals.

Elemental Surf - SUP  Rental Policy

While we strive to make paddling accessible to all, we must enforce a policy whereby only experienced paddlers can rent SUP boards from us at locations that are suitable for SUP.

We offer 2 hr SUP lessons every day at 2 hourly intervals statrting at 8am daily with the board hire included in the cost.

We define experienced paddlers as such:

  • Hold a paddle properly on board
  • Can handle board properly on land and on the water
  • Understands how to paddle forward 10 strokes, turn and return to the same spot
  • Can paddle efficiently into the wind (if there is wind)
  • Knows the marine boating rules

Stand up Paddle Surfing:   You must be a proficient paddler at flat water and an experienced SUP Surfer or have a SUP surfing lesson.    SUP Surfing can be dangerous for people with no previous surfing experience. 

We require the following items be worn while paddling with absolutely no exceptions:

  • Leash / leg-rope
  • Mobile phone in a wet bag – in case of an emergency.
  • A watch so you can watch your time. Should you stay out beyond one hour, you will be charged for additional time.

Suitable SUP Paddling Location

There are many locations not suitable for paddling and can have hidden dangers.  Weather conditions can also be unpredictable in some locations. 

We will provide you information and maps on the best and safest locations for paddling.  For your safety, you must only paddle at the designated locations.

Surf Surfing Locations:  Many surf locations in our area are not suitable for SUP surfing.   We will assess your SUP surfing skills and advise on the best locations where you can surf to ensure you have a safe and happy experience.


Damage: Please inspect your board prior to taking it out. We check it upon return and charge $100 against your credit card for any dings or damage.

Rental Rates

Hourly:  $30 an hour, $50 for 2 hours.

Daily: $60 for the full day of rental. 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Stand Up Paddleboard Hire Perth  Stand up paddle board Hire Perth